Community Service 

      Community Service Programme is for all Year 10 students. They are expected to give selfless service to the community.


      The overall aim of community service is helping students to help the community and also to meet some schools’ admission requirements abroad.




      1. ExpectationsAction PlanTo unlock students potentials in community organization which they will need in future life activities.
      2. To help build up students’ confidence and the realization that they can make a difference in the society.
      3. To encourage students to render selfless service to the community without compensation.
      4. To assist students to give back to the society a little of what they have gotten.
      5. To encourage the spirit of team work and cooperation among students.
      6. To help instill discipline, tolerance and endurance in students.
      7. To expose students to another kind of ‘work experience’ through physical energy exertion.

      Action Plan

      1. All year 10 students are expected to take part in the programme.
      2. Students are expected back to school the week preceding general resumption in Term 2.
      3. Students are expected to put in 42 hours of service. They also keep a work journal where they record pre-activity thoughts; during activity events, hours committed daily and a post activity experience and thoughts.
      4. The students are given the liberty to choose their community service projects from a list of projects after due consultation with the coordinator.

      Dress Code

      • All students and supervisors are expected to be dressed in comfortable work clothes- a pair of trousers or knee length shorts, a polo top and snickers.

      At the end of the programme, the students write a 200 word essay on their experiences. Ten best workers are acknowledged and every student is given a certificate of participation.