Leadership at Olashore International School


      There are numerous leadership opportunities available and students are encouraged to take up responsibilities. Leadership positions available include leading a Student Club, serving on the School Council's Upper and Lower Chambers (which is open to all students), House Prefects, Class Captains, Refectory Captains, House Captains, Dorm Captains, Special Duties Captains,Leadership is one of the key qualities that make our graduates stand out and for this reason it is embedded in all activities in the school. In all its workings, the school emphasises the development of responsible disciplined individuals who possess the ability to think clearly, logically and independently as participating members of the society. In line with ourmission statement of producing 21st century leaders, the school has a leadership programme for all students and we begin to develop their leadership skills right from admission.

      Group Coordinators, and the School Prefects selected annually from Year 12. The School Prefect position remains the highest leadership position in the school and is branded the Face of Leadership within the school.

       Aside the titled positions, there are other leadership opportunities for the students such as playing lead roles in school productions, coordinating and anchoring school events, planning and executing mid -term carnivals, leading an excursion group among others. The leadership model promoted in the school is the social change model, expecting Olashore leaders to impact the world. The Social Change Model is based on the 7 C's:

      1. Consciousness of self
      2. Congruence
      3. Commitment
      4. Collaboration
      5. Common purpose
      6. Controversy with civility
      7. Citizenship

      The various leadership opportunities across the school enable the students to develop and demonstrate their leadership abilities while exhibiting their initiative and creativity before they move on to the larger society.