Leadership Training 

      The main essence of the Olashore Leadership Programme is developing leaders who have the mindset and capacity to change the increasingly complex society in which we live in. We believe that leadership is not a position but a process.

      Furthermore, effecting positive change in the society is vital in leadership. The school’s leadership programme is tethered towards our core values of honesty, service and honour. Service is an integral part of leadership.

      Our commitment to developing dynamic global leaders is indisputable. As a consequence, we begin our leadership training right from year 7 because leadership is inclusive. Our leadership portfolios include- the dorm captains, table heads, house and assistant house captains, class captains, junior and senior prefects.

      As part of our leadership programme, our students are involved in community service with the local primary school where they are engaged in some teaching work, renovation and curriculum development.

      The Social Change Model of leadership is the latest addition to our leadership programme.  This theory aligns with that of the school because at Olashore, we embrace the belief that “change is a constant factor in life and education should encourage in students the development of values.”   


      1. To transform the society positively through changing individual students.
      2. To inculcate discipline and selfless leadership potentials in students.
      3. To form lasting relationships between students and the community through chosen projects.




      The Shorelead programme is built on the Seven Cs of the Social Change Model

      1. Consciousness of Self
      2. Commitment
      3. Congruence
      4. Collaboration 
      5. Common Purpose 
      6. Conflict with Civility
      7. Citizenship 

      These 7Cs aim at transforming the society through individuals. The programme cuts across all the year groups in the school. Interestingly, some of the students act as facilitators. These student-facilitators mentor the year group directly below them under the supervision of the instructors. 

      Students on the Shorelead programme engage in various projects. These projects are chosen by different year groups after a lot of discussions, selections and agreements. Currently, the following projects are being carried out.

      1. Weed hunt
      2. OIS goes green
      3. Class beautification competition through planting of flowers
      4. Fund raising (through bob-a-job on washing parents’ and staff cars, sale of cupcakes, sale of calendars, movie show for kids and flea market)
      5. Working with a local primary school on curriculum development
      6. The fund raising project is a lifelong project. Students involved will continue to raise funds for charity organization even after completion of high school
      7. Year 11 students identified a home for the less privileged In Ilesa; identified their needs and are raising funds for the home