Olashore University Foundation Programme 

      The OUFP has over 9 years of experience in providing outstanding preparatory programme for students that desire to study in the United Kingdom or Ireland. The purpose of the Foundation programme is to provide students with necessary skills needed to go on to study for an undergraduate degree through the combination of core skills and pathway modules.

      Core skill modules develops the students’ critical thinking, fluenency in oral presentations with effective use of visual aids, taking inferences from analysis and enhanced basic application of inductive and deductive reasoning in problem solving.
      Pathway modules are specifically designed to provide a wide range of undergraduate degree options. Not only do we develop student’s academic and language proficiency but we also provide opportunities to expand and enhance their study skills, attributes and personal development. This enables our students to get the most out of their university experience.

      Our method of teaching is similar to U.K and Irish universities in the areas of lectures, seminars, projects, tutorials and personal tutor system allowing students experience small teaching groups. This provides a level of contact with the teaching staff and encourages independent studying.