Republic of Benin Trip

      The Republic of Benin is an amazing mix of French colonial culture laid upon traditional African history sprinkled with years of Marxist rule. This trip is just a small step across the border and yet it feels like striding into another world.

      This trip is open to year 8 students and is the first opportunity Olashore provides for students to travel abroad together. The trip is to the heartland of AILF, our experienced trip partner and is a combination of history, culture and languages resting on the bedrock of leadership development which is at the heart of all our trips.

      From the arrival at the border, through the trip to Cotonou and the tour of the city students see how the French influence shaped the development of Benin Republic. The visits to the Red Star Roundabout and Musee Zinzou give an understanding of the influence of the Marxist regime. This is followed by an exploration of the history of the West Africa slave trade through a journey along the slave trail from Ouidah to the statue of Reconciliation. The French language leadership and adventure camp at Ouidah allows you to begin to face challenges outside the comfort of your home environment.

      The Republic of Benin wows visits with its natural beauty and the Parc National de la Pendjari is one of the best wildlife parks in West Africa. An adventure in Benin may only be your first step out of your comfort zone to face the challenges that the dynamic global society will present but it will definitely begin to develop talents and abilities that will be invaluable as you fulfil your potential at Olashore International School.


      • Day 1-    Arrival and orientation
      • Day 2-    Tour of the historic slave route
      • Day 3-    Mini Olympics and French cookery lessons
      • Day 4-    Leadership lessons
      • Day 5-    Treasure hunt and team building sports
      • Day 6-    Shopping at the renowned French Centre
      • Day 7-    Departure