Founder’s Vision

Committed to Founder’s Vision

Kabiyesi knew what he wanted of the school; one that will compete with its counterparts around the world and also offer quality boarding education of an international standard in a serene environment to Nigerians, living at home and abroad and expatriate residents of Nigeria, who prefer to have their children educated locally.Olashore International School, was founded in 1994 by Oba Oladele Olashore.

Every institution of repute is guided by a system of belief, and at Olashore, we believe in certain principles which form the philosophy upon which the school is founded. Although written over 20 years ago, these principles are still as relevant today as then.

Olashore International School believes in the dignity and worth of each student and recognizes the importance of mutual responsibility in the world community.

Kabiyesi truly understood the meaning of a world community. He spent years travelling and working in many countries but when the time was right, he choose to return to Iloko, his community, and create something that will make the name of Iloko renowned around the world, Olashore International School. He embedded Olashore International School into the fabric of Iloko community. Through community service, OIS students are encouraged to identify with the community around them; to understand that there are things more valuable in life than money; that respecting the dignity of those around us and supporting others wherever we can, are the bed rock of a great society.

The school believes that all youth should have the opportunity of education consistent with their individual capabilities and with their personal and social needs.

During his time with us, Kabiyesi ensured gifted children benefitted from the education offered here at Olashore International School. The school’s doors were always open to children who could benefit from the wide range of activities here. As a school, we are committed to continuing that legacy.

The school already has scholarships in place for academically gifted children. The school is continuing to develop his support for the local community by providing opportunities for the brightest children.

The Board is exploring ways to widen these opportunities to children who could benefit from the schools outstanding sporting, music, drama and technical facilities.

The school believes that change is a constant factor in life and that education should encourage in students the development of values and thinking processes which will facilitate their intelligent adaptability in a changing world.

Kabiyesi was nothing if not adaptable. He was an exceptional banker, a transforming member of the government, and of course the founder and guide for a world class school in Iloko. In addition to this, he was a shining light in the Anglican Church and a strong advocate of traditional values in his role as Oba of Iloko-Ijesa. Our multi-talented founder is an example of each of the children in the school, and also to our staff. Change is a constant thing in life and we must work and study to ensure that we are prepared for that change. Olashore International School both exemplifies and teaches this adaptability. A few years ago, the ministry of education saw a gap in the Nigerian National curriculum. Many students were leaving school without even the most basic technical skills.

To tackle this issue, all senior secondary students were mandated to study a trade subject. OIS saw this as an opportunity to enhance the wide curriculum already on offer. So, to ensure that this programme was successful, the school invested in a new technical and vocational building with an auto-repair workshop. The school saw the change and adapted to meet the new challenges. Even now after Kabiyesi’s passing Olashore International School has identified another deficiency in the area of leadership. The school introduced a Leadership Training Programme that puts into practice the Social Change Leadership Model. This model proposes that leadership is concerned with effecting positive change in the society and that service is a powerful vehicle for developing leadership skills.

The school believes that learning is unbroken activity that is continued throughout an individual’s life. Education therefore, should foster independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a lifelong process.

Kabiyesi envisioned Olashore International School as more than a school. He created a learning community where every member of the school is encouraged to continue their education. Within the school, not only are our students encouraged to study, all staff are expected to continually updating their skills and qualifications, this of course, includes our ongoing relationship with Bradford College in the UK with whom six of our staff began their Master’s in Education in education courses last year and another ten will begin later in the year. It also includes training our account staff on the latest software, our Librarians on the current best practices, and every department in the school is expected to commit to training and improving their staff each year. We don’t only consider teaching our students and training our staff, we believe that even after students have graduated from Olashore, they continue to be part of our family. So Olashore graduates posted to Osun state are always welcome to serve in the school during their National Youth Service Corp scheme. We continue to build up our contacts with our alumni so that they can work together and support each other throughout their careers. Being part of OIS doesn’t end after six or seven years, Olashore graduates are always part of the OIS family.

As we approach our silver jubilee, is Olashore International School still worthy of the vision fashioned out by the founder? Are we still honouring the philosophy he espoused?

At Olashore International School, we are firmly committed to the vision of the school, we all passionately believe in the philosophy. We are determined to ensure that Olashore International School, is and continues to be a learning community committed to academic excellence. We believe in developing the full potential of each child, we will work to an international standard. We will nurture independent thinkers and future leaders to sustain the legacy Kabiyesi has left us.