Humanities Department

Humanities Department

As the name indicate, in the humanities, we project the quality of being ‘humane’ and encourage our students to see their selves as an important part of the society. The courses we offer in the humanities department, provide our students the opportunities to pause and reflect. The wide ranging and transferable skills gained from the study of such courses equips student-graduates from our school with more than enough to succeed in the professional world.


In Olashore International School, the courses we offer under the humanities department include:

  • Civic Education.
  • Religious studies.
  • Social studies.
  • Security education.
  • History.
  • Government.
  • Economics.
  • Geography.
  • History.
  • Politics.

Each subject is delivered by a specialist in that area, ensuring an in-depth coverage of the course material. Beyond this however, within the Humanities Department we are committed to delivering the curriculum in a manner that encourages students to critically evaluate subject material, discuss their ideas and be able to present balanced arguments on the many topical issues which are covered.

Our department has achieved some outstanding results in recent years and most students find their experience with the optional subjects very rewarding. The Humanities Department is very well-resourced and we constantly look for opportunities to give students access to additional materials which will stimulate their subject interest.

“This Day in History” is a recent and popular innovation to help students relate to historical events, whilst the Geography Garden provides a practical resource where students can develop their understanding of topics such as soil erosion and weather.

Our objectives as a department:

  • To develop students’ interest in the different subject disciplines within humanities.
  • To encourage students to think critically and be able to form balanced opinions on topical issues.
  • To provide the resources needed for effective teaching and learning.
  • To prepare students to achieve the highest standards in internal and external examinations.