Languages Department

Languages Department

We are poised towards achieving academic excellence and reaching out to each child’s learning ability. The Languages Department is equipped to shape each student’s language development to reflect their identity, values and experiences both in and out of lessons.


Languages Department comprises of the following subjects:

  • English Studies/Language.
  • Literature in English.
  • French.
  • Igbo.
  • Yoruba.


Subjects in the department run both the WASSCE and IGCSE curricular and these are introduced right from year 7. In addition, the department prepares students for the SAT, IELTS and UTME examinations.

English Language and French are compulsory subjects in the WASSCE and IGCSE. These subjects cut across all year groups in the school. Literature in English is done as a whole subject in Year 10-12, but embedded in English Studies in the junior school.

Students are allowed to take Yoruba language in the senior school.


The department boasts of highly qualified staff from the Academic Manager to the master/ subject teachers and teacher- assistants. The teacher assistants deal with individual student academic problems. They work with the Academic Manager and the teachers to have one on one session with the low achievers.


  • The teacher assistants manage the departmental Rescue Class for low achieving students.
  • Students are grouped into progress and master classes. This is a small number group of students who are managed by the subject/ master teachers.
  • The low achieving students are further propped up in these progress classes while the high achievers are challenged with extra work; the mid achievers are supervised at preps.
  • The Fastest Finger First competition encourages students to combine intelligence with the dexterity of pressing the bell first.