Olashore Curriculum

The Olashore International School Curriculum

Olashore International School is committed to academic excellence. It offers high calibre education in a wide range of subjects at junior secondary and senior secondary.


The curriculum design for Olashore International School recognises that the world of 2020 will be very different to the world of today and that as the pace of global change increases, so therefore does the need for flexibility. A curriculum defined purely in subject terms is therefore not always well suited to equipping every young person with the knowledge, skills and understanding they will need for a fulfilling adult life.

Olashore International School’s curriculum policy is based on our mission of enabling our students to equip our students with the necessary skills to meet the challenges they will face on leaving school, whilst also consistently competing with the very best Nigerian schools in national standards of achievement. We seek to nurture the talents of all students and celebrate success in a diversity of academic disciplines, whilst offering learning opportunities which are differentiated and personalised to cater for different learning styles and aptitudes. In aspiring to be a centre of excellence in teaching and learning, we place strong emphasis on the use of technology as a tool for learning.

Our curriculum must meet the requirements of both the Nigerian system and the British system, preparing students for exams in both.

Our Curriculum aims

The curriculum should inspire and challenge all learners and prepare them for the future. The school’s aim is to develop a coherent curriculum that builds on student’s experiences and that helps all student to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective leaders.

Specifically, our curriculum aims to help our students to:

  • Achieve high standards in their learning and make excellent progress.
  • Enable those not performing to expectations, based on prior achievement data, to narrow the gap and achieve their full potential.
  • Have and be able to use high quality personal, learning and thinking skills and to become independent learners.
  • Have and be able to use high quality functional skills, including key literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.
  • Be challenged and stretched to achieve their potential.
  • Enjoy and be committed to learning.
  • Value their learning outside the formal academic curriculum.

Our curriculum outcomes

Olashore International School’s curriculum:

  • Leads to qualifications that are of value to potential for employers and for entry to higher education, both internationally and within Nigeria.
  • Fulfils the statutory requirements of both Nigerian and British curricula.
  • Enables students to fulfil their potential.
  • Meets the needs of students of all abilities and aptitudes within the school.
  • Provides equal access to the curriculum for all students, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religious affiliation.
  • Prepares students to make informed and appropriate choices for options at the end of Lower School.
  • Helps students to develop lively, enquiring minds and the ability to think critically.
  • Fosters teaching styles which offer and encourage a variety of relevant learning opportunities to meet the needs of different styles of learner.
  • Helps students to use language and numbers effectively.
  • Helps students develop personal moral values, respect for religious values and tolerance of other races, beliefs and ways of life.
  • Provides a Key Stage 4 curriculum which fully prepares students for both IGCSE and WASSCE exams.