Founder’s Day – Term 2, February 2018

Welcome to our Founder’s Day celebrations. Once again, we look forward to welcoming parents and friends to school as we celebrate the birth of our founder, Oba Oladele Olashore. Over the weekend we will have a range of activities including our Founder’s Day celebration on Saturday morning, our Founder’s Day Athletics on Saturday afternoon and of course Visiting Day and Academic Open Day on Sunday. On Sunday students will also be displaying their skills in the Science Department and I encourage you to visit.

On Founder’s Day we like to reflect on the core values that make Olashore graduates stand out across the world. Academic excellence has always been the foundation of an Olashore education and maintaining high standards each year is a major goal of all staff at the school. As a consequence, it was very satisfying when the Cambridge examination results were released in January and showed the best overall performance in IGCSE in the history of the school. I would like to particularly commend the students who gained five or more grade A*/A in their subjects; Ginika Kalu, Patrick Ogunbufunmi, Bolaji Olalere, Aminat Yakubu and Olabode Ige. Over one third of all grades achieved were A*/A reflecting the hard work put in by students and staff in preparing for these international examinations. All Year 12 students are now focussed on preparing for their WASSCE.

An Olashore education is about much more than academic success and this weekend parents and friends will be able to see some of the other aspects of students’ development. I would encourage parents to arrive early on Saturday to be able to attend the celebration in the hall at 11.00am. Over the past few years the performances by the school orchestra, choir and particularly the school cultural troupe have become a high point of these events. Once again, this term the students have been practising diligently to ensure that their cultural dance is outstanding. During the afternoon parents and friends are invited to cheer on their wards at the Founder’s Day Athletics in the stadium. This is always a fun event and the support of parents always encourages the students.

Another core value of an Olashore education is leadership and social responsibility. I was very pleased to see how seriously Year 11 students take this aspect of their development when I joined them at Iloko Town Hall a few weeks ago. As you may recall, when they were in Year 10, the students spent their community service week refurbishing the town hall. It was great to see them further develop this project by organising a malaria awareness event for local children in celebration of our Founder’s birthday. They had invited all the children from the local authority primary school and as well as doing malaria tests for all the children they had developed drama, songs and games to educate the children on how to avoid malaria. The local children had a wonderful time while the Year 11 students continued to develop their leadership skills. I look forward to following the process of the current Year 10 students as they develop their community project over the coming months.

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