Community Service

Community Service

Community Service Programme is for all Year 10 students. The aim of programme is for students deepen their relationship with the community of Iloko and to put in to practice the school’s belief that leadership is about service.

A heart for the community: Year 10 students renovate local Town Hall

In 2017 the students committed to renovating the Town Hall in Iloko. Jojolola Aduragbemi and Akpotohwo Jeffrey give the background to this project and below is a video the students made documenting their week.

Involvement in community service has been a part of the history of the school since its inception. Participation in the community service programme instills in the students a sense of community responsibility and prepares them to take their place as active members of the global community.

Earlier in the year some of the students met with the community leaders to find out how they could assist. After due consultation, it was decided that they work on repainting the town hall and its annex which was in a bad state. The year 10 students then set to work returning to school a week earlier to carry out this project.