Leadership Introduction

Leadership at Olashore


Olashore International School was founded in 1994 by Oba Oladele Olashore (CON) to provide an international education in Nigeria that would be comparable to its counterparts around the world. The school is built on the foundation of academic excellence and our students have gained a reputation for producing exceptional examination results both nationally and internationally.
However, at Olashore International School we believe that education is about much more than academic success. In today’s dynamic global society there is a need to develop students’ experience knowledge and skills to lead and deal with the challenges of the 21st century. This is something that we have taken on as one of our key responsibilities to our students and it is embedded in our mission statement. As you will see in the leadership pages, we provide opportunities at all stages for Olashore students to experience leadership, build their knowledge of what leading means and to hone the skills necessary to become the successful future leaders that Nigeria will require to take its place among the leading nations in the 21st century.

At Olashore we take an experiential approach to developing leadership, based on Kolb’s learning cycle of experience, reflection and learning. We don’t believe leaders are born, we believe that they are developed by their commitment and our hard work. To make this happen we provide an extensive array of leadership opportunities for all students in the school. You will see on the leadership pages some of the formal leadership opportunities in the school, from internal positions such as class captains, prefects etc, through to the outward facing leadership opportunities such as supporting primary children from our local primary schools. You will also read how this experience is backed up with a structured leadership development programme, designed by Mr. Silas, our consultant from the USA, and based on the Social Change Model of Leadership promoted in world leading Higher Education institutions. These programmes are then supplemented by the opportunity for students to take part in world class leadership training programmes by selected external providers locally, nationally and internationally.

International Recognition (COBIS) (2)

At Olashore International School we see each child grow in confidence and begin to develop their leadership skills. As with our academic success, our success in developing leaders is not based on a select group within the school, it is based on ensuring that the leadership potential in each child is fully nurtured. Whilst we are always immensely proud of the exceptional way Olashore prefects lead within the school, we are equally proud of the students who were too shy to speak on arrival at the school who develop to lead groups of visiting Primary school children during our Scholarship Weekend, sharing their experience and encouraging these young children to perform at their best. That is the evidence that leadership is part of the very fabric of an Olashore education.