Leadership Training

Leadership Training

The students prepared a video to explain their leadership training and below, Bolaji Olalere, Head Girl of the school, explains the programme.

The Olashore Leadership Program is an inclusive skill acquisition program which aims to inculcate certain ideas in the average student in accordance with the school values namely: Honesty, Service and Honour, on the principle that leadership is a process, and not a position.

It officially commenced in 2014, when the school sought the expertise of an American consultant, Mr. John-Ubong Silas, who piloted the program and laid the foundation for a program which has become a fundamental part of an Olashore education.

The program which initially included a few students from each year group, increased every year to ensure that now all students become actively involved at some point in their six year journey.

It is designed to accommodate the “Social Change Model of Leadership” founded on the 7C’s which are:

  • Consciousness of self.
  • Congruence.
  • Commitment.
  • Collaboration.
  • Common Purpose.
  • Controversy with Civility.
  • Citizenship.

The model itself is unique as it seeks to transform traditional views of leadership by encouraging knowledge of one’s self, in order to effect positive change.

In all, it is a program which has catalysed the gradual growth and development of leaders who not only represent the leadership family, the school and the country in various programs, but keep their flags flying high.

Omobolaji Olalere