Olashore International School… the first 30 years

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Olashore International School was conceived out of the distressing experiences of Oba Oladele Olashore as he sought to find a school which satisfied the educational requirements of his children after he had brought them home from abroad. He was neither willing to compromise his educational standards nor let his children acquire western mannerisms to the detriment of their indigenous cultural legacies.

This void left an indelible impression on the Oba’s mind and spurred him to act, bolstered by the high volume of parents who shared similar sentiments. Considering the perception of moral and social decadence abroad, more parents chose to train their children at home where their growth could be supervised, rather than sending them away for secondary school education.

Olashore International School (OIS) was inspired by the absence of high-quality secondary school boarding facilities in Nigeria and the need to provide an educational standard that met the demand of:

Nigerians who, because of their domestic circumstances and desire to give their children excellent education, wish to send such children to a boarding school of international standard within Nigeria.

Nigerians living abroad who, for social and cultural reasons, would prefer to send their children to a good boarding school in Nigeria, rather than retain such children in schools abroad.

Expatriates, resident in Nigeria, who for reasons such as family ties, costs and distance, would prefer that their children be sent to a good boarding school locally.

Olashore International School was established on Friday, December 18, 1992 by Oba Oladele Olashore. The first academic year kicked off with the 1993/94 session and 100 students in Year 7. Set in over 60 acres of serene countryside, in over thirty years since, Olashore has achieved a reputation for academic excellence, inculcating moral values in its students and preparing them for life. The school has constantly updated itself to stay abreast of educational best practice, producing students who have performed brilliantly in different fields of endeavours.

With a growing alumni of over 2000 students, Olashore has become the benchmark for world-class educational facilities in Nigeria. The Olashore education is about fulfilling the needs of each child, not just academic, but spiritual and moral development, discovering musical and performing talents and rewarding sporting excellence.